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About Us

Our Mission

Empower Businesses through Analytics by partnering with them to Know their Data and thrive, understand their customers, maximize their return on Marketing investments, and shape a culture of  data driven insights and decisions.

Are You Listening to Your Data?

It is bubbling with insights that can uncover hidden opportunities, direct strategy, create better outcomes, and make you smile with a healthier bottom line.

Knowing your Data leads to actions that actually matter, allows results to be measured, makes plans evolve, and can help you direct your whole business towards continuous improvement and a great customer experience.

Our consulting services, hands-on approach, and on-demand analysis will help you listen loud and clear! Most importantly, it will deliver insights and ready you to action. Maybe a new set of eyes is all that is needed to increase success.

Our Expertise

  • Data discovery, cleansing, quality, reliability assessment, and architecture.
  • Business Intelligence tools implementation (we are fairly agnostic and base any suggestions on your needs, but we do have our favorites :-) )
  • KPIs, reports and visualizations. Even if this is all you need, we love digging around data and making it beautiful, actionable and meaningful.
  • Customer segmentation, profiling, digital footprint, and behavioral analysis.
  • Profitability analysis and revenue forecasting.
  • Category management, market basket/shopping cart analysis.
  • Marketing campaigns' design, testing, tracking, budgeting and ROI; whether digital or direct.

We are Data Scientists, Archeologists, Fans, and Supporters, and have been doing this for 20 years.

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"There are no projects too big or too small, only projects that need to get done." 


Data in the Know, LLC

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